Grand Manan Island (also simply Grand Manan) is a Canadian island, and the largest in the Bay of Fundy . It is also the primary island in the Grand Manan Archipelago, sitting at the boundary between the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of Maine on the Atlantic coast. Grand Manan is jurisdictionally part of Charlotte County in the province of New Brunswick. As of 2006, the island had a population of 2,460. The vast majority of Grand Manan residents live on the eastern side of the island. Due to limited access, three-hundred-foot cliffs and high winds, the western side of the island is not residentially developed, although it does feature camps at Dark Harbour, a small dulsing community and get-away destination for islanders.


Grand Manan has a network of trails for all-terrain vehicles, hiking, mountain biking, and nature walks. There are a number of fresh-water ponds, lakes and beaches that are prime locations for sun-bathing, beach combing, and picnics. Other interesting finds on Grand Manan are magnetic sand, and “The Hole-In-The Wall” located in Whale Cove in the village of North Head. Anchorage Provincial Park can be found on the island's southeastern coast between the communities of Grand Harbour and Seal Cove.

Reader's Digest voted it the 3rd best small island in the world:

"While you won’t find any palm trees here, Grand Manan still offers a relaxed pace. Connected to mainland New Brunswick by ferry, the island is home to charming villages, the vertiginous Southwest Head sea cliffs, and the idyllic Swallow Tail Lighthouse, the second-most photographed lighthouse in all of Atlantic Canada. Take a whale-watching cruise (minkes, finbacks and humpbacks all swim nearby in the summer months), do a little sea kayaking on the Bay of Fundy (home to the highest tides in the world), hike to picturesque Hole-in-the-Rock or along the beach at Dark Harbour, or just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet."

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